City Secretary

The city secretary plays a vital role in the operation of the city.  The secretary is often the first and primary contact for the public.  The secretary reports directly to the mayor.


  • Assists the mayor in the day to day operation of the city
  • Answers phones, waits on people, monitors e-mail, handles problems and answers questions
  • Ensures that all federal, state and local requirements are met
  • Ensures that all necessary federal, state and local reports are prepared and filed in a timely manner
  • Prepares and issues business, sign and building permits
  • Oversees and accomplishes all administrative details
  • Prepares the weekly payroll
  • Manages contacts with vendors and suppliers
  • Purchases supplies needed for office and City Hall
  • Maintains accounts receivable and accounts payable
  • Ensures that all city expenditures are appropriate and properly documented
  • Publishes the agenda for council meetings and ensures that proper minutes are produced for meetings
  • Maintains adequate filing systems for all city business
  • Prepares and maintains documentation for city ordinances and resolutions
  • Provides information to the mayor, city council and other city departments and department administrators as required or requested
  • Researches laws for the mayor and city council and updates them on changes in laws
  • Ensures that the mayor and city council are adequately informed of actual and potential issues
  • Is involved in the hiring, firing and evaluation of the administrative staff
  • Handles administrative details and auctions for the impound lot, including cleaning out cars

Contact Info

Beth Billings
City Secretary
19601 CR 2529
(903) 451-9229