Hazard Mitigation Plan Survey - October 22, 2020

Residents please fill out the Hazard Mitigation Plan Survey for Henderson County. The link is pro... [more...]


Outstanding Warrants

 Outstanding Warrants as of September 1, 2020.

The Municipal Court of Payne Springs will not process any Time Served requests submitted by E-Mail.  All Time Served requests must be in writing, dated, signed and mailed to:

Municipal Court 19601 CR 2529 Payne Springs, TX  75156.

The Payne Springs Municipal Court will offer a 10% reduction on Court fees and Fines on all outstanding warrants when the Defendant pays their balance in full.  This program will only apply to individuals taking the initiative to resolve their balances and will not apply to any individual who is currently in dention on their outstanding warrants.

To take part in this program, please contact the Payne Springs Municipal Court at 903-451-9229 or 903-451-9110 during normal working hours.


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